Owari Satsuma

A mandarin veriety with Japanese origin. Has a very important role in Turkish citrus export. The most suitable veriety to store, trees of this veriety are broad.


  • Variety Owari Satsuma
  • Origin Japan
  • Year of Release 1900
  • Fruit Rind Yello-Orange And Slightly Rough Nearly Smooth, Thickness 3,37 Mm
  • Main Color Of Flesh Dark Orange
  • Fruit Shape Oblated
  • Fruit Diameter 50-60 mm
  • Fruit Weight 95-110 g
  • Adherence Albedo To Pulp Loose, Easy-To-Peel
  • Juice Content In Endocarp 43,90%
  • Seed Number Almost Seedless
  • Puffing Occurs On Late Harvest
  • Harvest Period Ekim Başı-Kasım Sonu
  • Periodicity Low Tendency