A mid-fuitful veriety, productivity is changing year by year. Its fruit is wide and long, cylindirical. It is an early season veriety and is an important product of Turkish citrus export.


  • Variety Interdonato
  • Origin Sicily
  • Year of Release 1875
  • Fruit Rind Light Green, Bright And Thin
  • Main Color Of Flesh Greenish Yellow
  • Fruit Shape Wide, Long Cylindrical
  • Fruit Diameter 55-60 mm
  • Fruit Weight 105-110 gr
  • Adherence Albedo To Pulp Mid-Tight
  • Juice Content In Endocarp 31-39%
  • Seed Number 6-7
  • Puffing Occurs On Late Harvest
  • Harvest Period September-October
  • Periodicity Have Tendency