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About 4 million ton of production and an export value of 942 million dollar, Turkish citrus sector is of vital importance for the population of 5 million people from Aegean and Mediterranean Regions who directly or indirectly earn their livings by.

Considering the high competitive advantages of Turkish Citrus Fruits such as natural unique taste and finest quality, it is fair to understand that one third of citrus production is oriented to export.

Citrus Promotion Group was founded to increase not only the domestic but also the international consumption of our citrus products and also to optimize the usage of right marketing techniques as it becomes the national agenda.

Citrus Promotion Group aims at promoting our products by implementing the trademark process and emphasizing "Turkish Product” image throughout the world.

It is accepted by the world that the vitamins and fibers which the citrus fruits contain have positive effects on human health.

With the promotion campaigns we will hold in the future, we intend to emphasize these features to create a consumption habit in and out of Turkey. This will also help the purpose of creating "Turkish Product” image.

Citrus Promotion Group was founded to achieve above mentioned issues in November 2007 by the Undersecreteriat of Foreign Trade Directive numbered 120008151. The secreteriat of Citrus Promotion Group is run by General Secreteriat of Mediterranean Exporters Unions. Citrus Promotion Group Management Board is composed of 11 members (6 representatives from Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporters Union, 5 represantative from each Antalya, Eagean, East Black Sea, İstanbul and Uludağ Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporter’s Union.).


The main purpose of the Citrus Promotion Group (CPG) is to increase the consumption and demand of Turkish citrus while promoting "Turkish Product” concept and completing the branding process abroad. CPG by this way aims at constituting and maintaining a stable price and competition ground by accelerating promotion and advertising campaigns.


Citrus Promotion Group was legalized by the Ministry of Economy in 2007 in order to increase the foreign and local demand of citrus products, The main purpose of the Group is to carry out promotional activities in order to increase citrus consumption and improve consumer habbits by introducing nutritional and oranoleptic superiorities of Turkish citrus. For many years, one of the biggest problem both for our producers and citrus exporters has been to establish a Turkish brand image that supports competition in international markets and emphasizes the quality of our products. The major competitive advantage of Turkish citrus has been its superior quality. Being aware of its responsibility for enabling the promotion and coordination in the international market and boosting the consumption of Turkish Citrus all over the world, Citrus Promotion Group has been trying to be a successful model since 2007.

Citrus Promotion Group launched publicity campaign with Turkish pop star Tarkan in Russian Federation in 2010 and continued in Ukraine and Azerbaijan. The film attracted a great attention and interest in the shown countries. In these countries, the billboards and buses were adorned with images of Turkish Citrus and also related advertisements were published in their national print media.

Supporting its international promotion activities by attending international fresh fruit fairs each year, Turkish Citrus Promotion Group participated regularly in World Food Moscow, Fruit Logistica, Iraq Agro Food Fair, Iran International Food, Beverages and Hospitality Fair, Fodex Japan, Dubai World of Perishables Fair. Turkish Citrus Promotion Group won "Best Booth Design Award" several times as it happened latest in Moscow in 2016.

In the framework of the promotion campaign of 2012-2013 season, CPG made a Citrus Promotion Film prepared with the team of «The Magnificent Century» series to be broadcasted in the target countries determined by CPG such as Russian Federation, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Iraq and Middle East countries. In 2013-2014 season, the promotion film was shown from 11 November 2013 to 15 December 2013 for a period of 5 weeks on television channels in these target countries. This promotion film attracted a great attention and interest of the people of the target countries.

In the framework of promotion campaign of 2014-2015 season, Turkish citrus sector will be promoted to public of Russian Federation which is of the most important export market of Turkey, and an awareness on citrus products of Turkey was raised in accordance with the journalistic ethics and the press law and other laws of Russia, and with the reader/audience perception of the publications/broadcasts by media such as the newspapers Komsomolskaya Pravda, Kommersant, Teleprograma, Sovetskysport, the magazines Gastronom, OK!, Zdoroive, the internet websites kp.ru, zdr.ru, gastronom.ru, sovsport.ru, the television channels Russia 1 and NTV in Russia. This promotion campaign will be continued till April 2015 on the relevant newspapers, magazines, websites and TV channels.

To gain comparative advantage in international markets, creating new products is of vital importance. For this aim, Citrus Promotion Group supports the projects and studies of the developments of new citrus varieties conducted by West Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute, Alata Horticultural Research Institute, Cukurova University Faculty of Agriculture.

This website that you are reading now, aims at promoting Turkish Citrus Fruit and enabling Turkish citrus exports to reach all over the world by the help of internet.

From now on you can follow Citrus Promotion Group’s activities, contact directly the Citrus Fruit exporters and offer healthy delicious Turkish Citrus to your customers from this site.

Chairman of Turkish Citrus Promotion Group