In Moscow, Turkish Citrus Promotion Group met with media representatives of newspapers, magazines, TV channels, radio channels and internet news pages from Komsomolskaya Pravda, which is one of the largest media organisation from Russia.

As one of the major steps in Turkish Citrus Promotion Group’s, international publication campaign, Turkish Citrus press event started with the press conference with the participation of Turkish Citrus Promotion Group’s Chairman Mr. Ali Kavak and other board members.

After the press conference, interviews were given by Mr. Kavak for both radio channel and printed media channels. During the press conference and interviews, current conditions about Turkish citrus were emphasised, as well as further expectations and goals.

Following the press conference and interviews, a dinner for media representative has also organised by Turkish Citrus Promotion group, with a broad participation by journalists and media managers. During the dinner, general and private meetings also held about Turkish Citrus.

With the press dinner, which held with the participation of Mr. Kavak and board members, press organisation in Moscow has successfully completed, as a major part of Turkish Citrus Promotion Group’s international publication campaign.