It’s been announced that Turkish citrus market is going to get significant results in Asian market. Especially with the recently signed “Food Safety Agreement” between Turkey and China, it’s quite clear that the activity of Turkish citrus will be dramatically increasing and with the long-dated feasibility studies by Turkish authorities, trade goals of Turkish citrus will be much closer in these significant markets.

Turkey wants to strengthen its citrus production and export with the new trade opportunities with Asian market

With its high capacity of citrus production and export, Turkey is already having several trade routes and strong partnerships with dozens of countries and regions in the world. Meanwhile latest efforts of the Turkish industry can be considered as alternative markets focused. According these efforts Turkey looking forward to increase the citrus trade volume with China and the countries as well as Japan.

The board chairman of “Turkish National Citrus Council, Kemal Kaçmaz, told that Turkey is already a global player in citrus industry for a very long time. Kaçmaz states that “It’s quite clear that citrus is a very important and strategic industry in Turkish field of production and export. We are in the top 3 of global citrus exporters list. Focusing on Asian Market we are able to say that we already experienced significant achievements as you consider that even Japan is importing grapefruits from Turkey for many years, if someone is familiar with the citrus industry they can get how important step we made.

Alternative Markets of Citrus Should Be Also Considered

While Kaçmaz is pointing that the citrus industry is also growing in the “alternative” markets, he reminds that “alternative” markets should be seriously considered among traditional high-demand markets and partnerships. He informs that according the demands from the countries as China, both private sector and governmental sector is working on feasibility studies and their efforts will be getting long-lasting results in any case.