There had been a surveying business trip of Turkish Citrus Promotion Group (TCPG) and Mediterranean Fresh Fruit And Vegetables Exporters’ Association (MFFAVEA) to Hong Kong from 31st of August till 4th of July. Group which was formed for examining the Hong Kong fresh fruit market and evaluating the business opportunities by making contacts with importer firms, was leaded  by Ali Kavak ,who is both Chairman of Board of the TCPG and MFFAVEA. Turkish Fresh Fruit Trade Delegation group consisted of TCPG board members Necdet Sin, Latif Ünal and MFFAVEA board members Mehmet Soylu , Ferhat Gürüz and Oğuzhan Altun.

Now on Hong Kong has an increasing significance due to becoming the entrance gate point to People’s Republic of China, Macau and other far eastern countries’ markets. Except the residents, Hong Kong shows hospitality to exponentially increasing amounts of tourists (48,6 millions of people in year 2012), also Hong Kong is a very important international logistical, commercial, financial and fair congress center not only for far east but also for World.  Hong Kong has a great food sector on the contrary it was a small country owing to become a tax-free-port, a trade center for worldwide companies’ and a re-exporting hub which trades multiple times of its GDP. Trade delegation’s first visiting point was Commercial Attache of Republic of Turkey in Hong Kong. Delegation was had a detailed briefing about the fresh fruit and vegetables’ sector in Hong Kong by Turkish Commercial Attache Miss Şükran Öğün and had a chance of getting Attache’s experience and knowledge about Hong Kong market. Delegation visited the Asia Fruit Logisitica fair which was organized between September, 3 to 5, 2014, and made binary meetings with importers generally from Eastern Pasific Countries that visited the Turkish Citrus Promotion Group’s info stand in fair.

To take a major-role and to get higher export amounts in the Hong Kong market that, we were made 2,1 million USDs exports in all by year 2012, Turkish Citrus Promotion Group will make an announcement to its members and by requisitions of the firms, TCPG shall plan a national participation organisation to Asia Fruit Logistica in year 2015. Asia Fruit Logistica Fair 2014 was organized for the 8th time and in 2013, 372 exhibitors participated the fair and 6.536 people from sector visited the fair.