Turkish Citrus Promotion Group, continues its activities, in order to provide additional opportunities and provide progress in ongoing markets. During 13-15 November, Turkish Citrus Promotion Group participated one of the most prestigious fresh fruit and vegetable industry events in Middle East. More than 7.000 business professionals convened during the event which held in Dubai World Trade Center for the 8th time.

During WOB Dubai 2016 exhibition, opportunities has found to meeting up with the market representatives of United Arab Emirates and other countries in the region. The event was also an important step for the international promotion activities of Turkish Citrus Promotion Group while it was also an important activity for Turkey, one of the most important player in the regional and global fresh fruit and vegetable trade, to keeping the pulse of the industry.

During the exhibiton, a media and press dinner organisation has also been held, hosted by Turkish Citrus Promotion Group. It was a gathering with the press and media representatives of United Arab Emirates. A presentation was also made about Turkish citrus, its potantial in the region, trade volume between Turkey and United Arab Emirates, expectations and opportunities.

In the dinner organisation, Chairman of the Board Mr. Ali Kavak, shared his opinions and expressed his suggestions and expectations in order to increase the trade volume in United Arab Emirates, as a country supplied 6% of its citrus from Turkey.

News about press and media dinner organisation also published via wide range of media in United Arab Emirates. For Turkish Citrus Promotion Group, this was also a significant step in order to maintain a continous cooperation with regional media.