Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, Board Member of Turkish Citrus Promotion Group shared, “We are able to send products to Kazakhstan much more sooner than China by establishing a joint Ro-Ro and railroad line with Kazakhstan.

In order to carry out the promotion activities of Turkish citrus in Kazakhstan and to increase existing export potential, promotion activities were organized in Almaty, Kazakhstan, hosting by board members, Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, Hakan Sefa Çakır and Erdinç İnan Yılmaz.

Turkish and Kazakh businessmen came together on the occasion of the event organized by international media organization Global Connection (GC) in order to exchange views on the development of trade between two countries.

To increase citrus export and establish new markets, Turkish Citrus Promotion Group carried out an intensive publicity campaign and has made it to 5 countries in the past month. In Russia, Poland, UAE, Romania and latest in Kazakhstan, Turkish Citrus Promotion Group’s activities get remarkable attention and Turkish Citrus Promotion Group aims to increase Turkey’s citrus export, which is currently about $ 1 billion annually supporting with these promotions.

“We have more logistic advantages comparing to China”

During his speech in the dinner as a part of activities organised in Kazakhstan, Board Member of Turkish Citrus Promotion Group and Chairman of Eastern Blacksea Exporters Association Chairman Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, said that “Turkish citrus is both cheaper and better in quality than Chinese citrus and preferred by Kazakhs more than Chinese citrus. Although China does not appear closer to Kazakhstan on the map, Gürdoğan points out that production centres in China are 4.500 km away from Kazakhstan. We are much closer. However, while the goods we are selling directly to Kazakhstan is 3,500 tons, Turkish goods selling through Moscow are 2-3 times bigger in volume. We can send these goods directly from Turkey in shorter time and at less cost.”

“With this logistical advantage, we can consider Kazakhstan as a base along with surrounding republics. We are thinking that the governments of Turkey and Kazakhstan should inevitably establish cooperation and trade bases in this context.”

Gürdoğan stated that Kazakhstan’s logistics base would contribute to all industries, region of Kazakhstan should be included in Turkey’s future plans.

“China can be eliminated in the Kazakh market”

Gürdoğan said that “%40 of Turkish citrus exported to Russia and they realized that there is a big gap and started work in Kazakhstan. In the Kazakh marker, Chinese citrus is the first and Turkish citrus is in the 8th. However, we experienced that Chinese goods were not able to sold when Turkish goods came into the market. Also, Kazakh consumers are much more satisfied with Turkish products. If we can solve existing problems and obstacles, especially in logistics and can be in Kazakh market with sufficient quantity, lots of Chinese goods can be cut off in the market. But the main problem is that we cannot supply the market with our goods in current situation. If the obstacles related logistics can be solved and the doors are opened, Turkish citrus sales will be boosting and Chinese goods will be eliminated in Kazakh market.”

Gürdoğan shared that they are considering Kazakhstan as a very important logistics base, also they are thinking that Turkey – Kazakhstan Logistics Master Plan should be prepared urgently because of national relations. Gürdoğan continued “We must awaken the sleeping giant, considering trade between two countries, we are able to export our annual goal, 100.000 tons of citrus to Kazakhstan with this way.