Turkish Citrus Promotion Group attended FOODEX, Japan. (7-10 March)

Turkish Citrus Promotion Group, attended Foodex Japan, the 42nd international food and beverage exhibition, in 7-10 March 2017, in the city of Chiba.


This year 3.250 company and 82.500 visitors from 80 countries has participated FOODEX Japan, which is one of the biggest trade show of the related industry in the region. Agricultural products, meat products, dairy products, eggs, sea foods, packed foods, noodles & pastas, confectionaries, desserts, spices, edible oils, healthy foods, organic and natural foods, beverages, teas, coffees and fizzy drinks has exhibited during the show.


Turkish Citrus Promotion Group was also in the show with an 18 sqm booth, in order to extend Turkish citrus export to Japan, which has almost 80 billion USD of annual food import and supplies most of its food by import. The booth of Turkish Citrus Promotion Group has visited by 600 individual participants during 4 days of the show. All the visitors have been informed about Turkish citrus, activities of Turkish Citrus Promotion Group and industrial details about Turkey.

In Japan, it’s possible to find almost any type of food supplied by various countries in the world. As most of fruits and vegetables are producing via high technology of production and by import, the market prices are relatively high. Japan, with 130 million of population, which used to consume foods with high nutritional value and in good quality, is a vital country for Turkish citrus industry. With the efforts of Turkish Ministry of Economy, office of commercial counsellor and exporters’ associations, it’s possible to foresee that in a short period, all the obstacles will be removed and Turkish export to Japan will be rapidly increased.

A reception was also organised in 8th of March, Wednesday, in the residence of Turkish Embassy in Tokyo, with the participations of Japanese public representatives, importer companies, press and event organisers.