Turkish Citrus Make The Best Of Quality

During his speech, in the press conference in Russia, Board Chairman Mr. Ali Kavak stated “Life is short and not tolerates poor quality of living. Have no doubt that as citrus comes into question you can give us credit where credit is due.

Turkish Citrus Promotion Group is carrying out activities of promotion, in Russia which is the one of the biggest and most strategic market of export. Turkish Citrus Promotion Group (TCPG) organized another press conference in December 2nd, 2014, with a promotional theme as “Russia prefers to consume Turkish Citrus!” Attendants of the press conference were Istanbul Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association Chairman Latif Ünal, West Mediterranean Exporters’ Association Chairman Mustafa Satıcı, Turkish Citrus Promotion Group’s Board Member Nejdet Sin, led by Turkish Citrus Promotion Groups’s Chairman Ali Kavak.

Group’s Chairman Ali Kavak speaks to the Russian press and informed as “Russian people are deserving the healthiest and safest products of food. We are going to continue to be with Russian people together as neighbors in order to improve our relations which are based upon our common history. Our part of the duty is to support Russian People’s healthy nourishment on any ground and to bring together their meals and the Turkish Citrus’ uplifting taste. Chariman Ali Kavak said tat “Life is short and not tolerates poor quality of living. Have no doubt that as citrus comes into question you can give us credit where credit is due.” Also informed that, 413.000 tons citrus from the total consuption of Russian market (which is 1,4 millions of tons) is Turkish Citrus. Chairman Kavak also highlighted as “1/3 amount of the Turkish export is consisting of Turkish Citrus and Turkish citrus export to Russia had increased 17%. But we are suggesting for more, we are offering whole Russia to chose and consume more Turkish Citrus. Geographically, we are the closest citrus producing country near to your country. This advantage is combining with our speed and perfectionism. You should consider that the most freshest citrus is Turkish citrus.”

Chairman Kavak informed about the features of Turkish Citrus, which is also putting competitive value to the products, Kavak continued as “In addition to this, we are meticulously controlling all our dispatched fruit’s hygienic, health and quality conditions and trying to provide most delicious, fresh and healthy fruits to consume.

Ali Kavak also point out the importance of citrus as a food source during long and tough Russian winters. As a conclusion Kavak states that,  “in order to provide Russian people with Turkish citrus which is a perfect source of energy and health, we Turkish citrus producers trying a lot. We are following Russian consumers’ changing demands day by day, because Russia is our most valuable customer and we are their most important supplier.