Turkish Citrus in Romania

As a step of Turkish Citrus Promotion Group’s International Promotion Campaign, further events were organised in Romania. During those events, in 23rd of November in Athenee Palace Hilton – Bucharest, Turkish Citrus Promotion Group was represented by Chairman of the Board Mr. Ali Kavak, Board Members Mr. Nejdat Sin and Mr. Cafer Aşkar, also representatives of Romanian press and major supply chains participated the organisation. Commercial Counsellor of Turkey Mr. Mükerrem Aksoy, Turkish Ambassador Mr. Osman Koray Ertaş and Governor of Bucharest Mr. Paul Petrovan made their speeches at the opening ceremony.

Strong historical, cultural and geographic ties were referred during the speeches. Also, it was emphasized that trade between two countries is not at the desired levels and should be improved. Chairman of the Board Mr. Ali Kavak also expressed his wishes that the activities carried out on behalf of the citrus industry would make positive contributions to the relations between two countries. The event completed after the dinner.

In Caro Hotel, Chairman of the Board Mr. Ali Kavak made a presentation about citrus industry and statistics, on Thursday, 24 November 2016, in the “Fruits & Vegetables Conference” titled as “Relations / Obstacles Between Producers and Supply Chains” Information about activities of Turkish Citrus Promotion Group and Turkish citrus industry shared with the attendants in the event. It’s announced that the 14th International Citrus Congress in 2020 will be hosted by Turkey. The Chairman ended his speech with an anticipation for a further advanced level of binary commercial / economic relations. Afterwards, the conference with 120 attendees passed question and answers section.

Turkish committee returned to Turkey after the successful events in Romania.