Turkey: Russia’s Citrus Partner

Ali Kavak, Chairman of Turkish Citrus Promotion Group, told that Turkey will be providing best citruses for Russian market both for current period and in long-term.

Turkish Citrus industry which has annual 3,6 million tons of production capacity, still claims Turkey to be the biggest supplier of Russia, a country where of world fruit consumption occurs. Turkey already exported 1/3 of its citrus to Russia. Those statistics also shows how important is Russian market for Turkish citrus industry.

With the Kommersant, one of the biggest newspapers in Russia, a supplement issued special for Turkish Citrus, which prepared with Turkish Citrus Promotion Group. In related issue Turkish citrus industry discussed in detail. The growth of the Turkish Citrus issue mentioned and also an interview with Ali Kavak, Chairman of Turkish Citrus Promotion Group issued.

Ali Kavak explained that  conscious Russian consumers are already appreciate the taste and value of Turkish citrus.

Kavak told that citrus season is started on September and regarding the sharp decrease in value of Ruble and political uncertainty last season was quite hard for the exporters. Although these situations, with a remarkable devotion still Turkish exporters did their best in order to finish the season with good results. Turkish citrus produced and exported without sacrificing quality. As a result, 1,58 million tons of citrus exported with a result of 942 million USD. A year full with poorer climatic conditions and intense cyclical problems Turkish citrus represent Turkey at best.

We are the closest supplier”

Ali Kavak explained “Especially on human and environmental health issues we are acting in compliance with Russia and achieved a significant progress” and told that “We are raising the awareness of our producers and exporters with proper trainings. The most important issue is freshness when it comes to citrus for Russia and we are the closet provider of Russia. Therefore, we can say that the freshest, heathiest, finest quality and most natural citrus in Russia is Turkish citrus. Turkey, as a citrus paradise, has production in most natural and suitable areas for agriculture and able to present the citrus in the fastest way with preserving the naturalness and taste. We are able to reach all around the Russia with transport and commercial advantages. 

We are requesting exclusivity”

Ali Kavak states that Turkey is the biggest supplier of Russia and says “Russian consumers are deserving the best. That is our perspective. Therefore, we are producing the best and exporting the best. We are in a continuous cooperation with Russia. But we are requesting exclusive opportunities too, special status along the Russian distribution channels in order to increase Turkish citrus’ availability and accessibility.