The Valencian Farmers Association (AVA-ASAJA) has expressed concern over a 25% fall in prices for late mandarin varieties, particularly for exclusive varieties like Nadorcott and Tango that have traditionally yielded substantially higher prices.

The group described a “disturbing change in trend that over the current season has resulted in a sharp decline in prices”, and emphasized a “need to clarify the outlook and undertake the ordered and efficient management of these crops”.

However, AVA-ASAJA mentioned the protected varieties still achieved more attractive prices than their traditional counterparts.

“The value of some of these protected mandarins has fallen around €0.20 and their prices in the field have gone from €0.80 to €0.60, and even in the final stretch of the season the price per kilo have come to settle at €0.37,” the group said.

“Never before, since the start of Nadorcott planting a decade ago in Spain and Tango more recently, have these types of varieties reached such low prices.”

The association said the commercial use of protected varieties under patents was subject to a special regimen with a series of conditions to support fair prices.

AVA-ASAJA said the outlook not only needed clarification in Spain but across the whole Mediterranean basin, to avoid a bursting bubble for mandarins and other innovative products that are appreciated by the market.