The projects which Turkish Citrus Promotion Group has been working on “The Project of Citrus Fruit Enhancement”  with  Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock/ Agricultural Research and Policies Head Office / ALATA Garden Cultivation Reserch Center. The same center has been working on another project called “Improvement and Usage of New Mandarin Verieties for Export”. The aforesaid center also has been working on another project called “ Enhancement of Citrus Fruit Types”. Combining all these projects in the ALATA step, the center has brought some new mandarin verieties from the University of California and inoculated bitter orange trees with them. Finally the new trees have been planted into the Adaptation and Introduction Fields.

The planting has been completeded successfully in Alata on 22nd March, 2014 with the presence of Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association and a board members of TCPG, Alata officials, Chamber of Agriculture, Agricultural Engineers, Manufacturers and exporters.

The Project will be kept on between 1st July, 2011- 30th June 2016. With this Project it is aimed that local performances of some mandarin and orange verieties can be enhanced and used in the market. Also mid-late new mandarin verieties’ enhancement through mutation and hybridization, with the mutation technique improvement of mid - late navel orange/ navel orange with darker coloured flesh, and cultivation of new lemon types which are resistant to the disease of sprig wither via mutation technique are the other aims of the Project.

It is believed that these new types will help advertise Turkish Citrus Fruit all around the world at the 14th Congress of International Citrus Fruit that will be held in Mersin in 2020 with the assistance of (Mediterranean Exporters Union, Citrus Promotion Group, Turkey Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Sector Board and the precious support of Ministry of Economic Affairs and with the presence of 1500 delegates from 56 different countries. The former Congress was held in Valencia, Spain on 18- 23 November, 2012.

Mersin’s being the host of the 14th International Citrus Fruit Congress is especially significant since it is considered a scientific and academic one.

TCPG Board Chairman
Board Chairman of Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporters’ Association
Head of Turkish Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Sector Committee