(The cause of the greening disease is a bacterias known as Proteobacteria,  Candidatus liberibacter, Liberobacter africanum)

New procedures are being implemented to combat citrus greening. The new procedure involves injecting a compound known as bactericide, specifically oxytetracycline, into citrus trunks once a year instead of previous spraying methods.  The compound is not commercially available because it requires more research and compliance with labeling protocols  According to previous UF/IFAS studies, greening has cost Florida $3.6 billion in economic damage.

the injection process costs about $2- to- $4 per tree for labor and material. $2- to- $4, is not as enormous a price as it might sound, if you look at the cost of production of young trees in the first three or four years of its life, before you’re even getting fruit, it’s approximately $5,000 an acre.” Now researchers are working on developing automated injection systems.