Latest Promotion Campaign of Turkish Citrus Promotion Group won second prize in "The Best Breakthrough Brand of The Year" category in Gold Print Awards (also known as Russian communication Oscars), in Moscow, by standing out among its competitors like Apple and Coca Cola.

The related competition where prizes in 15 different categories were granted, was organised under the jury committee of CEOs and directors of most important media groups in Russia as, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Kommersant and Pravda. Turkish Citrus Promotion Group had two nominations in “The Best Breakthrough Brand of The Year” and “Food & Drink” categories. Competitors of Turkish Citrus were, Coca Cola, Heineken, Lindt, Nestle, Unilever, Abrau Durso, Essen and Jacobsen in “Food & Drink” category; Coca Cola, Apple, Faberlic, Alpha Bank, Skolkovo Foundation and A.V.E. Group in “The Best Breakthrough Brand of The Year” category.

Turkish Citrus Promotion Group stands among its competitors, left biggest global brands as Coca Cola and Apple behind and reached second prize in “The Best Breakthrough Brand of The Year” category.

Chairman of Turkish Citrus Promotion Group, Mediterranean Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Exporters’ Associations and Committee of Turkish Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Industry, Mr. Ali Kavak stated Turkish Citrus Promotion Group’s importance and expressed: “Turkish Citrus became a worldwide known brand, Turkish Citrus entered the hearths of Russians and then their homes” and continued, “There wasn’t any single alternative for us to lose in Russian market therefore we continued our campaigns without any break. We are truly happy to receive a prize in our biggest and most important market: Russia, as a result of our efforts. This prize is proving all by itself that Turkish Citrus is expanding with the prefect strategy.” While highlighting the importance of accurate strategy Kavak told that Turkish industry of agriculture completely renewed and modernised.

Turkish Citrus Promotion Group’s communication campaign was never gave any breaks despite former crisis happened between Russia and Turkey. Considering that related campaign resulted with a significant success of communication and Turkish Citrus Promotion Group left big brands behind and returned with a “second prize”.