Japanese Retailers are planning to supply lemon juicy from Turkey

Sub-company of the Toyota Group Companies’ Toyota Tsusho Europa S.A.’s investmen planning manager Go Kojima had a visit to National Citrus Council (NCC). Mr Kojima noticed that now on our firm is interested in  lemon juice supplier from Turkey as a start, lemon juice consumption is very high in Japan. Eighty five percents of the annual demand of Japan market is supplied by mainly Argentina, Italy and Israel. Mediterranean basin countries produce currently 70 percents of the whole citrus production in the World and Turkey is one of the leading countries in citrus production this is the main reason why my firm pay attention to Turkey .

Mr. Kojima’s visit to Turkey fundamentally  to examine the Mediterranean region’s agricultural conditions on site. If the appropriate conditions are provided in close future, Toyota firm is planning to invest in food industry in Turkey, especially they could have a projection to construct a fresh and concentrated lemon juice processing factory in Adana-Mersin region which will produce 18.000 cubic meter annually, in their firm’s long-term plans.

Go Kojima also had a meeting in Çukurova University Faculty of Agriculture with Professor Turgut Yeşiloğlu who is NCC’s board member and authorized executive in the ‘New Citrus Varieties Development Project’, financed by Turkish Citrus Promotion Group. After the briefing, about the new kinds’ researches, a trip to several citrus plantations is arranged by the hospitality of Growers’ Union’s President Behçet Homurlu and Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporters’ Association(MFFAVEA). Mr. Kojima’s business trip continued with packing house and MFFAVEA visits. In MFFAVEA building Mr. Kojima had chance to make acquainted with NCC board members and is informed about citrus production areas, current varieties, production techniques and processes by NCC vice chairman of board and Chamber of Agriculture chairman of board Cengiz Gokcel and NCC board members Mehmet Ateş and Enis Hekimoğlu.

Company of Toyota Tsusho Europe S.A.’s investment planning manager Go Kojima’s first meeting was held by attendance of project assistant Max Rieg and project director of Turkish Primeministership Investement  Support and Publicity Agency,  about these subjects in 26th of March 2014 with the leading of both TCPG’s and MFFAVEA’s chairman of boards Ali Kavak and TCPG board members.