Turkish Citrus Promotion Group participated FRUIT LOGISTICA 2015, International Fruit and Vegetable Trade Fair in Berlin, Germany, held between 4-6 February, with a 119 m² booth included in the special designed national stand built under the national participation event organized by Mediterranean Exporters’ Association for the 12th time. Turkey as a leading country in its sector, with its production potential, high quality products demanding by various countries throughout the world and with the competitive structure of its industry, has taken place with the TCPG in FRUIT LOGISICA FAIR, an important heartland of the related sector, in order to direct the production of 3,6 million tons citrus to export and to create new opportunities for Turkish Citrus.


Turkey has represented by 29 different company from fresh fruit & vegetable, citrus, organic fruit & vegetable and packing sector in a total area of 895m² during FRUIT LOGISTICA Fair, which is taken place in an indoor area of 110.000 m², visited by 62.000 professional visitors from 141 countries, as one of the biggest fresh fruit and vegetable trade show in Europe and one of the most important trade shows in the world,

Most of the visitors’ main aims of visit are, meeting with new suppliers, checking new products and collecting information about the market. Visitors were mostly consisting of fruit and vegetable producers, representatives of import and export companies and representatives of the wholesale and retail companies.

During the fair, exhibited goods were; fresh fruit & vegetables, dried fruit & vegetables, nuts, spices, organic products, fresh sliced fruits, various plants, flowers, packing and labeling machines, packing materials, frozen fruits & vegetables and spices, seeds and saplings, quality control systems, cooling and product tracking systems, fruit and vegetable washing systems etc.

Along with the importance of Germany as a target market, FRUIT LOGISTICA FAIR is an organisation, where new opportunities of meeting representatives of worldwide fruit and vegetable sectors, establishing new business connections with the visitors and following new trends onsite. On the other hand this fair is also an opportunity for Turkey in order to promote itself and respond to the changing and increasing consumer demands of the market. Turkish Citrus Promotion Group also provided opportunity of business interviews for the companies attended without stands. In order to support promotional activities, TCPG distributed, 2500 pieces of backpacks with Turkish Citrus Logo, 5000 pieces of usb flash drives labeled with logo and including TCPG Presentation Letter and Turkish Citrus Exporters List, served 100 liters of fresh orange juice daily along with lemon and citrus flavored “cezerye” and at the second day of the exhibition a cocktail had organized.