Fruit Attraction 2016, Madrid Has Finished

Fruit Attraction Fair organised by IFEMA – Feria de Madrid, brought international participators and visitors from food and beverages industries together.


Fruit Attraction Fair, which is one of the remarkable events in global scale, has taken place between 5 - 7 October in Madrid, with a substantial participation statistic.

Fruit Attraction 2016 taken place in 8 different halls, in a 40.000m² of area. Participation to the organisation was increased 20% than the last year with 1.238 visitors from 40 countries. A total of 50.000 visitors has been recorded including international visitors from abroad.

Turkish Citrus Promotion Group was in the same hall with other Turkish Companies under the national participation organisation and successfully completed their goals of promoting Turkish citrus with their 50m² booth.

The organisation, where the board members from Turkish Citrus Promotion Group and Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporters’ Association also attended, left positive impressions on the near future of the industry.

The commercial attaché of Madrid, Fatma Kayhan has shared her pleasure to see the Turkish Companies in Fruit Attraction during her visit to the booth of Turkish Citrus and highlighted that promotion activities in Spain is really important considering Spain as one of the key actors of the industry.