Citrus Export Season Has Started

With 3,6 million average annual production volume, more than 1 billion dollars of economic value, our important industry of  citrus, which is also providing direct employment more than 5 millions of population in Mediterranean and Aeagean region has started 2014 – 2015 export season.

Actual citrus export rates had increased 16% since the establishment of Citrus Porduction Group from 2009.  In  2009 our export rates were showing approximately 800 million usd, and in 2013 we did increased the rates of export to 931 million usd. Our export of citrus, which has importance including as part of general export agricultural products, is progressing with the support of our ministry, determination of our exporters, devotedly work of Citrus Promotion Group, in order to extend in new markets and increase total export rates of our country, through innovations for agricultural modernization, importance of research-development, with the use of high technology in order to active competition with the competitors in international market.

Total export amount of citrus for year 2013 was 1.371.699.156 kgs and the income for this amount was 931 million USD. One year before in 2012 export amount of citrus was 1.283.677.189 kgs and the income was 911 million USD. In year 2013 products of citrus have exported to 102 countries worldwide.

Our export has increased almost all the countries subject to promotional activities organised by Citrus Promotion Group. Export of citrus in year 2013, quantitative increasement was 7% and value had incresed as 2%. Export quantity increased 29% and the export value increased 18% with mandarin and with a value of 353.914.441 USD it took place on the top of the related list.

There are also increasements in countries such as Russia, Ukrain and Germany as our target markets, where Citrus Promotion Group organised promotional activities. Turkey ranked as 3rd among other supplier countries worldwide.

Citrus Promotion Group attended international organisations and trade shows in Turkey such as “Mediterranean Kitchen Days” along with domestic organisations as “Fresh Turkey Fair”, “Mersin Food and Agriculture Fair”, “Mersin Citrus Fest” “Dörtyol Fest”, also draw attention in the international fairs abroad as “Berlin Fruit Logistica”, “Iran Agro Food” “Irak Agro Food” “World Food Moscow”, “Asia Fruit Logistica” “Fresh Produce Ukraine” with special designed custom stands and unique promotional activities. Also officially attended “South African Observation Trip”, “Novorossisk Travel, Poland Trade Delegation, and contacted with major companies in for the industry.”

TCPG takes Turkish Citrus many steps further on the occasion of, Variety Progressing, Remote Sensing and B2B projects; also the promotional campaigns as “Promotion of Turkish Citrus Industy in Russia in Komsomolskaya Pravda, Kommersant, Teleprograma, Sovetskysport newpapers, Gastronom, OK! Zdoroivemagazines,,,, web pages, Russia 1 and NTV TV media channels and “Turkish Citrus Awareness.” promotion activity.

TCPG also works devotedly in order to provide entry to the new markets for Turkish citrus by supporting the project “UDTI” which is carried out with the collaboration of TCPG and Fresh Fruit Export Development to Far East Committee. With the supports of Ministry of Economy, the efforts of Mediterranian Exporter’s Association, TCPG, Turkish Fresh Fruit Sector Committee gave results to get the 14th World Citrus Congress to Mersin which has participants of more than 1500 delegate from 56 countries. The city of Mersin got the chance to host the 14th World Citrus Congress. This organisation has serious importance as it is a congress is scientific and academic.

The new export season of citrus will start at 18th of September  2014, Citrus, as an important segment from fruits, helps the increasement of export potantial and  also export of Citrus is equal to one-third of all exports of Fresh Fruit, meanwhile the export rates are showing that, export of citrus is continiously increasing. We wish a prosperous, profitable, new season for all our exporters.

TCPG Board Chairman
Board Chairman of Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporters’ Association
Head of Turkish Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Sector Committee