2015 Seferihisar Mandarin Festival | 16th Annual

16th “Mandarin Festival” will held 15 November 2015, Sunday in the town of Seferihisar, in Izmir, Turkey. In Seferihisar which is one of the main citrus production center in Turkey and one of the areas where best of mandarins grow, new season will be celebrated with citrus producers.

Wide Supports for Citrus Production Will Continue

Mayor of Seferihisar, Tunç Soyer, already supported citrus industry with various projects for widening the market, promote Seferihisar’s mandarin and Turkish Citrus and improve the production. Soyer informed that this year there will be further investments to support industry and these investments will start with the biggest and most urgent one, with “Cold Storage Facility for Citrus Producers”. Soyer explained, “First we started our investments with mandarin processing and packing facility, meanwhile gathered all the producers in our area under an organization. Latest year we started our very first export to European Union. We are improving with each passing day. Now we realized that most urgent investment for mandarin producers in our area is “Cold Storage Facility” With this investment we are aiming to extending the citrus’ marketing period.

Everyone Is Invited To “Mandarin Festival”

Mayor Soyer invited everyone to “Mandarin Festival” and told that “We are going to consume a lot of mandarin during festival, celebrate the start of new season and gather in a Sunday full with vitamin C.

During the festival, Turkish Citrus Promotion Group will be one of the main sponsors and there will be different contests such as, “Best Mandarin Producer”, “2015 Mandarin Queen”, “Best Dish With Mandarin” and “Best Souvenir with Mandarin Concept”.